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Seamlessly connecting people together via your intranet is essential with staff who are spread apart and often mobile in and outside of the office. Being able to locate, connect and stay in touch with one another helps break down silos, encourage sharing of ideas, and help get problems resolved quickly. Our networking capability brings you all the tools you need to create a seamless global network. With a rich people directory, search, and sophisticated profile features, your staff can find each other easily, grow their network and share knowledge and experience among their peers.

Support enterprise networking. With a rich intranet platform.

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Tap into a pool of skills and expertise

With Unily, your users can take control of their own rich profile, highlighting their skills, expertise and knowledge from across the intranet. These rich profiles make it easier for colleagues to tap into a collective pool of skills and expertise across the organization, driving new innovations and ideas. For Unily Hub users integrated with Office 365, profiles can be seamlessly synced from SharePoint to minimize administration. You can also lock down the fields you want users to be able to edit, helping to keep data clean and effective.

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Encourage new communities and networks

IThe intranet is more than just a place to find colleagues, it should be a center to garner new relationships and communities. Unily enables colleagues to develop their own social network across the intranet, following peers they’re interested in. They’re then notified of new posts and activity they might find interesting, with the ability to contribute and comment, improving their relationships and knowledge. Unily also provides digital community spaces for like-minded colleagues to come together across roles, teams and locations. These easy to create Tribes are perfect for bringing together information around a subject or global initiative, combining resources, documents, social feeds, people and more in a mobile-friendly site where ideas can flourish.

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Our Clients. Networking success stories.

Any intranet revolves around people, bringing individuals together across role, department, function, location and skill-set. Dive into our customer success stories to learn how our clients are using Unily to garner better conversations across the workplace; supporting employees to work seamlessly together, share knowledge, grow communities and develop best practices.


Hexion is pioneers of a higher chemistry. A chemistry designed to address the most pressing issues of our time. Hexion's new intranet sort to draw higher productivity and engagement from their 4,000 head office and frontline associates spread throughout the world.


Lexmark selected Unily to unite its global workforce of approximately 9,000 employees. Through improved internal communications features and mobile support, employees will now have a more seamless and engaging experience, with access to company-wide content, social sharing tools and corporate information.


With a diverse mix of support staff, security guards, groundsmen and coaches split across three sites, the club needed a simple way to modernize the flow of information to every employee, while improving processes and streamlining tools. A ready-to-go intranet platform was the answer in the shape of Unily, the first of its kind for Saints.

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