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Giving your employees easy access the right tools and processes as part of their daily work represents a real time-saving opportunity. Knowing what tool to use and when means less time wasted repeatedly finding information that should be at their fingertips. Unily enables you to bring together business critical tools into a single space, with the option to integrate more deeply with core task management tools or SAP systems for an even more productive experience.

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Private sites for streamlined project management

To get tasks done, your employees need a space to come together and work. Whether they’re based in a single office or spread across the continent. Unily Sites offer the flexibility to privatize Sites, enabling teams to come together to manage projects. Private Sites give you the option to bring together an array of widgets that allow employees to share documents and resources, discover knowledge, discuss, connect, assign and complete tasks. Your site can feature a combination of pre-determined widgets or custom ones to embed a particular feed or feature, making them truly unique to your project.

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Make business critical knowledge centralized and accessible

Being productive isn’t just about having the tools you need within easy reach, it’s about making knowledge accessible so that answers are easier to find. Unily becomes the central hub of knowledge across your organization, whether this is in a document, a conversation or a site. A powerful global search pulls back information from across the intranet based on particular keywords, meaning employees don’t have to hunt high and low for the information they need. Integration with Office 365 tools for Unily Hub users streamlines this process further, bringing essential information from SharePoint and OneDrive into the fold.

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Our clients. Productivity success stories.

Dive into our customer stories and videos to see how our clients are using their intranet to make employees more productive. From consolidating approved tools into a personalized directory, to integrating with external platforms such as Workday or vacancy tools, these stories prove that there's a multitude of ways to help people be more productive.


With the company growing and highly successful, Fortnum wanted to take this to the next level, implementing efficient and cost-effective digital workplace technology to unite their business, future-proofing their ability to find, share and learn from each other

Amec Foster Wheeler

With 44,000 employees from two distinct companies coming together, senior leadership knew they needed a new platform to deliver consistent communications and information to reassure and engage with employees at a time of great change. This new platform would not only help to bring the cultures together, but provide a one stop shop for every employee to access information to support their work.


Global manufacturing organization dorma+kaba gave their users a united intranet platform that catered to 17,000 multilingual and diverse users. Read their case study to learn more about how Unily allows dorma+kaba to innovate from within using social networking and how they increased internal communications readership by 800%.

How to put your intranet at the center of your digital workplace. Download the guide.

Joining up functions, sharing data, processes and communications between operational and business units that are spread around different locations, will improve how an organization operates and positively affect productivity and customer experience. But how do you make this a reality for your business without a total upheaval? Where does your intranet fit into all this?

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